Monday, June 24, 2013

Here We Are...

I haven't posted any photos of us in a long time... I don't remember why. I had a request from a friend to see some photos, so this is for her, and anyone else who happens to see them!

Q competed in a youth triathlon. It was his first and we were all a bit nervous! He was a true champ and did really well.

All three kids have been taking tennis lessons lately... well, we're currently taking a break for the summer since we don't want our kids to turn into steamed broccoli - it's so hot!

This is actually from Christmas - just a random one stuck in the middle - I just love this picture because hugs are becoming rarer as they get older (unless you count trying to squeeze each other to death).

In April our kids ran in a 5K that went right through our neighborhood - so cool! They got to run right past our house!

Here's another random picture. This is to show that Q  is now 13, so he spends much of his time proving his coolness to the world. :)

This random picture is to show that Q thinks I'm a huge dork, now that he's 13.

We have not been taking as much advantage of the Florida beaches as we should, but we're committed to repenting of that this summer.

L competed with a gymnastics team for several months this last year. She really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, most of the meets were on Sunday, so we encouraged her to try tennis instead. Tennis is fun, too. :)

D was a spider in his school play. Each year, every grade at the elementary school gets to do their own play and every student is involved. They totally love it!

For Father's Day, L made a tie for R at her church youth  group, called Activity Days. It turned out very handsome!

Another handsome tie L made was this duct tape bow tie. R wore it to church one Sunday and received a lot of compliments, as you can imagine.

In a nutshell, our kids are nuts. Like all kids, right? I love it when they're being nuts... as long as they also have a smile on their faces... and they're not ruining furniture. Otherwise, nuts is good.


The Silly Witch said...

Love this update. ITs been SOOOO long.

Camille said...

Ok I rarely look at blogs anymore but I am so glad I did because tonight I was reminded of how funny you are and what a great family you have. Thanks for being awesome haha!!

Pamela said...

Hip hip hooray, a blog post :) Your kids are so great and they look so happy! I love that they are running races and doing triathlons, that is so awesome!!

shelbell said...

Oh, LOVE seeing what you guys are up to. Looks like lots of fun. Still miss the awesome Nuttal fam:)